Cassandra Caswell

As an incredible creative force on Hana April INC's team. She has found a home as our lead Floral Designer as well as Operational Manager. Cassandra's forte is creating a new design concept from scratch and making it extraordinary!  She continually proves to know no genre borders, breaking through any stylistic barriers. Throughout her life, she has been an out-of-the-box thinker and has enjoyed embracing the weird, the crazy and the unusual allowing her to come up with brand new awe-inspiring ideas.

At a young age Cassandra knew she wanted to be a Floral Creative Designer and to this day, flowers and art move her and intrigue her. Through this, she worked to turn her unconventional passions into creative, thematic events that surpassed each of her client’s initial vision. 


Outside of work Cassandra finds joy in going off the unbeaten path, finding new music and genres to listen to, and of course spending ample time with her family.